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Our HP Technical Support team consists of specialists who can solve a broad variety of HP Printer problems. You weren’t ready to solve the problems by following the moves here, you can communicate with us for extra support.

HP’s Print and Scan Doctor assists solve the most regularly struggled printing and scanning queries like connectivity problems, firewall problems, and Printer offline problems. 123.hp.com/setup

123 HP Printer Driver Installation

All HP Printers are transferred with an Establishment CD that has the printer software driver. But, you can likewise download and introduce the software drivers for your printer from 123.hp.com/setup

The Driver Installation method is nearly the same for printers with performance and without show but if you need detailed data on the printer installation, you can visit the pages particular to your printer for more precise instructions.

123 hp com setup printer service

Do you need HP Printer Software and Drivers?

Get utilize of the emitted troubleshooter to assist you to solve the fundamental HP printer setup and HP printer install similar problems from 123.hp.com/setup

Locate specific Guidance on ink cartridge introduction and the HP printer driver setup method from 123.hp.com/setup

Our technical experts provide all of your HP Printer wants on time and in an exact way. Download drivers from 123.hp.com/setup and we’ll help you.

HP’s safe Print Study tool handles small tasks of your printing methods and shows you how printer security can be strengthened.

123.hp.com/setup Printer

  1. Download HP Print and Scan Doctor from the HP support website.
  2. Start the downloaded HPPS.exe data and follow the guidance on the screen to finish the establishment.
  3. If the tool is opened, a file of all HP Printers is presented.
  4. Choose the printer and tap fix Printing or set Scanning depending on the problem suffered.
  5. If there were no problems found, green tick-mark issues.
  6. If the problem did solve through HP Print and Scan Doctor, pull issues.
  7. If the test needed any useful action and it wasn’t given, an interjection mark arrived.
  8. If HP Print and Scan Doctor couldn’t fix the problem, a red X symbol seems to show a query.

123 HP Printer Software Setup

  1. Turn on your printer and PC.
  2. Ensure that all are associated with the same wireless network (Suitable for wirelessly qualified printers)
  3. Then, open a search of your option on your system and move to hp.com/setup
  4. Type the name of your printer along with its model number. For example, Oj 3830. You can locate the name and model number of your printer on the right-hand side of the printer.
  5. Snap the Download button and remain for the application to be downloaded.
  6. Once the download is finished, tap on it to open it.
  7. If your system requires if it can permit HP simple Start Utility to make 

modifications to the system, snap Yes to let it cause modifications to the system.

Follow the guidance on the screen to perform the installation method.

HP Wireless Setup Wizard – hp.com 123

The Wireless Setup Wizard associates your HP printer to your home or office Wi-Fi. It’s only accessible to choose HP Printer designs that begin with a touchscreen control panel. associating your HP Printer to the internet is the forerunner to downloading and establishing the application from123.hp.com/setup

If you’re tired of the password trouble, you can further utilize the WPS process to associate to the internet (Wi-Fi defended Setup). Like the Wireless Setup Wizard, the WPS process is also possible in only picked HP printers.

Before starting with the process, assure that you have those following parts

  1. Wireless HP printer
  2. Network Name (SSID)
  3. Network Password (WEP or WPA passphrase)
  4. A PC with wireless abilities.
  5. Switch on your PC, router, and printer. Connect your PC to a similar network as you need to associate your printer.
  6. Disconnect all the USB and Ethernet wires. Go to the printer’s control panel and select setup, network, or wireless menu.
  7. Follow the on-screen directions of the HP Wireless Setup Wizard to finish the network association of your printer.

Take heed while accessing the password for your Wireless Network as passwords are case-sensitive. Once your printer is connected to the internet, the wireless light stops flashing and becomes constant.

HP Wi-Fi defended Setup (WPS)

The Wi-Fi defended Setup (WPS) associates your printer to the internet without a password. This process is suggested only if your router is scrambled with WPA. If it’s scrambled with WEP or any other process, you’ll be better off associate your printer utilizing the Wireless Setup Wizard.

You can utilize both the Push button process or the Pin process to connect your printer. The Pushbutton process is relatively simpler and favored over the PIN process. Follow the steps given here to utilize the WPS process to connect your printer to the internet.

Push Button Process:

  1. Some printers ask you to select between WPS and Wireless Setup Wizard. Select the WPS and Push Button process in that fact.
  2. Click and hold the WPS button on your router for about three seconds and be ready for the printer to connect to the network.

If your printer is associated with the internet famously, the Wireless light on your printer will stop flashing and become constant.

PIN Method:

  1. Choose the PIN process from the WPS menu when asked to select between the push-button process and the PIN process.
  2. The PIN that you have to enter will be shown on the control panel of your printer.
  3. Open your router’s use page and type the WPS pin.

Once the printer is famously associated with the internet, the wireless light stops flashing.

Having a problem with your HP printer setup?

Do the fundamental HP printer established and the HP printer setup narrated problems by using our promoted troubleshooter of 123.hp.com/setup Start Troubleshooting.

Check if you have established the application drivers perfectly from 123.hp.com/setup.

PIN MethHow to solve the Printer Offline problem utilizing HP Print and Scan doctor.

  1. Download HP Print and Scan Doctor of the HP support site.
  2. Start the downloaded HPPS.exe data and follow the directions on the screen to finish the establishment.
  3. When the tool begins, a file of all HP Printers is presented.
  4. If your printer is not found, click Retry to try anew.
  5. The Print and Scan Doctor says that the application drivers have to be upgraded, tap Yes to proceed.
  6. Sometimes, the Printer Offline problem may likewise be because your printer wasn’t set as the fault printer. Setting your printer as the failure printer will solve the problem.

If none of the preceding solutions work, verify out the troubleshooting advice for every self HP printer on our site by snapping on the series and choosing your model number. Alternatively, you can verify your Wireless connection for any queries made.

Printer establishment and setup

Printer 123printersetup wants a PC, printer, and router. The printer and the PC should be associated with the same active network. Then ensure the PC is close by to the Printer. Next, download the printer application and drivers from 123printersetup. Select the software to install the software on the PC. Then, snap the checkbox in the following pages to affirm the terms and policies. Lastly, follow the on-screen guidance to complete the installation method.

Troubleshooting Printer Setup

After introducing the device driver and application from 123printersetup try to associate the printer with the PC if should any problem follow the moves,

  1. First in the PC after installing the device driver and application the program of printers and other devices associated with the same network will be posted.
  2. Next, pick your printer name in the below-listed printers correlated to the network. If your printer is not connected, snap the Printer is not displayed in the list. Then select the connection process that your printer is associated with the system wireless network, Ethernet cable, or USB cable.
  3. On selecting a wireless interface the system will attempt to reconnect with the printer over.
  4. The system will help to provisionally associate a USB cable to the printer and the method. Now connect the boring end of the cable to the printer and the flat end to the PC.
  5. Then, the PC will try to install the drivers and applications. Later the software selections and launches. Now follow the following moves helped on the screen to finish the setup method.

Belatedly, the wireless system setup will now be introduced in the Printer 123printersetup. After successfully installing the setup, eliminate the USB cable.

Web Services

  1. First to utilize ePrint services allow web services options and arrange an ePrint mail id to the Printer and associate the printer to an existing network with an internet association.
  2. Then by utilizing the printer application introduced in the printer one can print and locate web content. the printer even permits you to print the substance on the web automatically.
  3. Next, the printer associates to the printer immediately from any area. It is easy to do ePrint.
  4. For ePrint service, there is no requirement for any specific driver or software. ePrint carries a maximum of data format that includes HTML, PDF,.docx, and PowerPoint. Importantly the printer has an ePrint protection choice sending all attachment and the reports to be printed in a print-only format. Then, it decreases the warning of spam, content hacking, and virus warning.
  5. Then to develop printers’ protection opportunities share your mail id to a well-known character only. Through setting an account on the printer website the mail senders to the printer can further be separated.
  6. Lastly, the Web Services in the printer adds ePrint, Print Application, and registered printing.

Permitting Web Services on your web connector Printer

After connecting the printer to the current internet network permit the Web Service choice to develop in your printer access control. Next click OK to permit and maintain terms of utilizing and allowing web services. If one didn’t allow web service on the first setup of the printer, allow the web service by visiting the ePrint button on the control panel show. Then on successfully associating the printer to the ePrint service, the printer will print a direction sheet. The guidance sheet includes all the data for the printer to associate with the ePrint Center. Lastly, create an account ePrintCenter and get the mail address for the ePrint. In the setting, one can enable or disable the list of those sending emails.


Deskjet printers have the widest variety of designs. They differ from technical to small home based printers. The main highlights of the Deskjet printers are they own the softer edges on the fonts in the paper. Next, related to inkjet printers the Deskjet printers are a little bit expensive but the ink cartridge is also expensive in the inkjet printers.

The Deskjet printer can associate automatically with the existing network. Then on choosing “Auto wireless Connect” in the control panel 123printersetup printer associates with the internet associated with the network name that is collected in the printer.

Mobile Printing


  1. Originally, for ePrint, we want a printer, android phone, and ePrint software which you can download from the play store.
  2. Then verify if your printer 123printersetup and the phone are associate with the same interface.
  3. Inside the application, you can view the file of the printer in the network, the printers you own added back in the network, and the printing services that are close by your printer 123printersetup.
  4. In typing the mail id of the printer the software will send an activation code to the mail id. Next, verify the 4 digits alpha-numeric activation code sent to the mail id.
  5. Then, type the activation code in the android device in the ePrint software. Next, snap completely on the following page of the application. Now the printer name with allowed web service will be prepared which is associated with a similar network as the mobile.


  1. Printers perform prompt and simple wireless printing for iOS mobile. During this setup iOS mobile, mobile, and an active network are required.
  2. Originally, verify if the mobile and the printer are associates in the very active network. Next, allow the AirPrint choice in your printer settings.
  3. Then, select the report that you need to print into the air from the iPhone to the printer. Next, snap the share icon and print choice, even you can enter the number of copies you want to make.
  4. Next, just ensure the iOS device is updated to the newest version of OS, and the printer is established with the newest firmware in it.
  5. Lastly, AirPrint develops the ability and productivity of your business by decreasing the time you use on printing. It is also easy to utilize and offers flexibility to the office staff that is associated with the same office network. 


  1. The Envy printers are inkjet printers. The major benefit of the envy printers is that they all have “Wireless-N-technology”.
  2. Then, utilizing this technology the envy printer can associate with multiple PCs at the same time.
  3. The Envy printer can print wirelessly through ePrint and AirPrint software. Envy printer assists fax broadcasting, fax forwarding, and auto fax features. By using “Automatic two-sided” features the paper, time, and electricity can be conserved.
  4. Lastly, the Envy printer application and drivers can be downloaded and installed from 123printersetup.

Setting Two-Sided Printing In Envy Printers For Windows

  1. Initially download the device drivers and application from 123printersetup. The two-sided printing use is ready for printers helping duplexing abilities.
  2. Next, connect the printer and the PC on the equal active network.
  3. Next, snap the device and printer from the control panel of the PC to detect the printer.
  4. On detecting the printer names right click on the printer to and select printer choices.
  5. Now locate the highlight tab in the next screen and detect two-sided printing choices in the paper savings choices area.
  6. In the dropdown collect automatically and snap OK in the bottom to protect the changes.


Oj printers are budget-friendly with scanning, copying, and faxing purposes. These Ojpro printers are laser printers that utilize dry color to print. Next, the dry toner wick to the paper utilizes heat to print the files. The benefit of dry color is that it won’t dry out as the ink appears rather the dry color is built-up of plastic parts and it is more placed inside the cartridge.

The Oj printer is designed for technical utilize and also for small office usage. They come with a guarantee to depend on the printer model number. With duplex printing, the printer can print both sides of the printer. Next, you can scan the report with the automatic report supplies which allows the permitted size of papers. The Officejet-Pro printer recommends two thousand pages per month therefore it is utilized for small office and home-based office ideas.

Wireless Setup Of OfficejetPro Printers

  1. First, choose the added info button on the control panel, touch the also info button, and select manual setup.
  2. Then, touch the wireless icon in the home list and then click the wireless button on the control panel.
  3. Next on selecting the wireless setup wizard, the file of the active wireless network will show.
  4. Instantly select the network name if it is password guarded enter your password and protect the network.
  5. Lastly, your print is associated with the wireless network. Next, troubleshoot any setup error by attending 123printersetup.


Oj Printers are all in one printer intended for tiny businesses. Oj Printers do laserjet printers. The Oj Pro provides a highlight called immediate ink. Later, to utilize immediate ink you need to enroll your printer in the immediate ink sites. Next entering the printer will send the ink method to the immediate ink account timely. Once your ink is nearing the endpoint the immediate ink will send ink cartridges.

Oj can help handle more jobs and defend time and money by utilizing two side printing characteristics. Finally to use wireless scanning and printing the device drivers and application can be downloaded from 123printersetup.

Security Features Of OjPrinters

Unsecured printers change your network protection. Most of the office printers are not on the primary list to get protection but the hackers and critics utilize the printers to do all hacking methods. The Printer’s protection characteristics defend from network faults. The hateful movements on your devices can be limited with the assistance of embedded security of the 123printersetup printer. Printers can self-heal from such muggings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do printers go offline irregularly?

The printer may switch OFF or the printer and the PC are associated in various networks.

Why is there a pop up displaying “scan error” in the printer?

If the printer gets wanting power to scan or any problems with the scanner tool you will take the “scan error “message.

How to clean the print head automatically in the printer?

First, touch setup icon in the printer control panel then printer support and touch clean print head choice. Instantly a test page prints after cleaning the print title. Utilize it to verify the print quality.

Why am receiving the message “Cartridge cannot be utilized continuously if the printer is marked in Instant Ink”?

If your printer is not registered in immediate ink service you will receive the “Cartridge cannot be used until printer is enrolled in Instant Ink” message on working immediate ink cartridge.

How to correct the error “No AirPrint Printers Found” in the printer?

Originally verify if the printer and your iOS device are associated with a similar network. Then restart your printer, verify the paper plate for paper, go to the router near to the printer, and ensure the device utilizes a modernized version of iOS.

Printer promoting Paper Stuck but should not have paper in the paper plate?

Will the printer unplugged for 30 minutes and later plug back. Next, open the color cartridge and verify for any paper cuts. Pick the ink cartridges slot and paper print way. It would eliminate any seen paper parts inside the printer.

Why receiving connection errors while sending Fax in the printer?

Becoming a wrong telephone associate or must any networking query with the telephone association will help the communication error during sending a fax.

How to setup an HP Printer Wireless -123.hp.com /setup

With the assist of an HP wireless printer, you can work, move, and take prints from also than one device on the move. In today’s post I will lead on how to download printer drivers, how to setup HP printer wireless, or with USB utilizing 123hpcom/setup or support.hp.com website. We will likewise be watching to resolve common printer problems for the example-printer offline problem, scanner problem, paper stuck problem, immediate ink problem, printhead problem, or mobile printing problem. For establishing the devices and configuring your wireless extender, one has to follow the guidance on this site. There are various ways of installing your printer for example either you can visit 123hpcom/setup and support the guidelines specified in the article. The specialists of HP are constantly ready to assist you with the setup of the HP printer. The only in 1 setup of the HP printer has extinction difficulty, but some users struggle configuring their printers. In this post, you are operating to determine how to setup HP printer wireless for Windows and Mac utilizing 123hpcom/setup.

How to setup HP printer wireless

  1. Are you a Mac system or windows one? The setting of a wireless HP printer is essentially equal for both.
  2. But yet, there are some variations in establishing and downloading the HP printer drivers on both devices.
  3. Let’s learn how to set up a wireless HP printer.

How to setup HP printer wireless

You can utilize two types of wireless associations.

One is SSID while the other is Wi-Fi and password-defended system.

Here, essential moves indicate that you can follow to associate your Wireless HP printer with your Windows OS operation device.

  1. Later switching on the printer, click the wireless icon on your HP printer.
  2. Snap the setting icon and then touch the wireless setup wizard.
  3. Click OK to start your network field.
  4. The activation wizard will start the search for possible wireless networks.
  5. Next to this, you’ll view the set of guidance on your screen
  6. Choose your particular interface for developing the association settings
  7. If the wizard is planning problems, then you should to download HP printer drivers and then return the network choosing moves
  8. For associating your wireless interface with your printer, enter the SSID of your particular network and when its passcode

By squeezing the WPS button, you can associate your printer and wireless network device immediately.

Click the WPS button on the router of your networking device and network selecting icon on your HP printer at a moment.

By performing this, you can associate your home network with your HP printer at once without following the above-mentioned levels.

HP Wireless Printer Setup for MAC

  1. Switch on your HP printer, PC, and wireless network router.
  2. Ensure your PC is associate with a defended wireless network
  3. From the control panel of your HP Printer, the preferred wireless icon
  4. Select the setting icon on your HP printer and start the Wireless setup wizard
  5. The interface wizard will search available nearest wireless networks and show the list
  6. A collection of guidance will look on your screen. For making the network collection step, select your home wireless network from the menu.
  7. Open the Apple menu and snap on the icon of regarding this MAC
  8. Find the update icon in the list and update your past software
  9. Preferred system print or scan choosing from the drop-down menu of MAC.
  10. In the lower corner of your PC, you can view a plus sign. Snap that sign and check the name of your home HP printing device.
  11. If the name of your printing device is not mentioned in the drop-down list, then add the name and code of your HP printer by snapping the ADD PRINTER option
  12. For using the update the software highlights of your HP printer, you have to restart all the applications that you had started before adding your HP printer
  13. Ensure your wireless HP printer is famously associated with your mac device.

Many of HP printer customers suffer troubleshooting while introducing the HP printer defended with wireless network on their mac device.

Yes, introducing the characteristics of the HP printer on your MAC device is a small bit various as related to introducing the device on Windows OS.

But you don’t own to worry because the customer support of the HP printer is 24/7 ready for your help.

How to download drivers for the HP printer- 123.hp.com/setup

From the real site of HP printers https://123.hp.com/us/en/devices/setup you can install an application for your wireless printer.

Downloading drivers and applications from this site are simple.

One can locate and configure protected software for their windows and Mac PC configuration.

After downloading the proper application according to the report of your MAC device, your following step is to find that file on your MAC PC.

For starting the establishment of drivers reveals the application fill report.

The establishment wizard of the wireless HP printer yet displays some error?

Is your printer yet not associated with your device?

What can you do in those kinds of conditions?

There is a zip to be concerned about. If the establishment wizard raises an error message, then your following step is to uninstall all the installed applications and drivers.

Here, some guidance indicates that you can follow in this type of condition.

  1. If you are utilizing Windows, next open drivers, and printers from the control panel, and if you are a MAC client then open Apple’s menu.
  2. From the drop-down menu choose your associated Wireless HP printer
  3. Now choose all the install drivers and applications and uninstall them from your PC.
  4. Are you a MAC client then uninstalling steps are a small variety for you. Open the system choices on your screen, and a program of associated printers and drivers will rise
  5. Now choose your Wireless HP printer from the popup file and eliminate it.
  6. Later successfully uninstalling all early applications and drivers, attempt to establish the new printer setting.

I suspect by now you have read how to set up HP Printer Wireless.

If there is yet any query in installing or reinstalling the drivers or updates of your HP printer, then it’ll be helpful to chat with our free customer support.

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